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Writing Study Ties Autism To Motor-Skill Problems

An NPR Article indicates:

Many children with autism not only struggle with social skills and communication, they also have great difficulty with handwriting, according to a new study in the journal Neurology.

Some parents already knew this. As my son entered 6th grade, the school knew that he had to learn to type. Yet he was never given specific instruction and the school relied on me to teach him. This would be fine if he had time after all the homework he was given that would take him hours longer than other students.

May all parents print this article and take it to their schools. It will certainly be required by the time they enter middle school. Although painfully obvious to parents, teachers may need reminding.



This story couldn't have come at a better time, my son's OT called yesterday to try and get me to sign off on no more OT support. She claims his handwriting is fine. Compared to another 2nd grader its average. Compared to how his writing was 2 years ago, its AWFUL.

I've watched a steady decline in his handwriting, thank goodness I have samples for prior years to back myself up.

I wonder though, as he enters the higher grades how things will be.

Same here. Much better writing 3 years ago in 4th grade. Have the proof. Teachers just stare at me with pleading eyes - they are so overwhelmed.